Recipe Creation

Hire the Nomad Cook to create a recipe or 4 course menu built around the terpene profiles of strain specific cannabis. Using the Cedeño Method of a passive decarboxylation, our Chef can capture the flavors and smells of fresh cannabis flowers and transfer them into extracts. These extracts are then used to create a one of a kind infused recipe that represents the original strain of cannabis.

What’s Included?

Chef Notes

Step by Step instructions with Photos


 2 min Demo Video
Recipe Featuring your Strains Terpene Profile

How Does it Work?

Our Chef takes your cannabis strain and builds a recipe from the terpene profile outwards. By focusing on the flavor and aroma of your cannabis, our chef incorporates similar botanical terpenes from fruits, herbs and plants into the recipe. The Nomad Cook’s recipes create a lasting experience that will spark a memory for years to come.

Things We Need To Know:

  1. What strain do you want to feature? Sativa, Hybrid or Indica?
  2. What are the terpene profiles in the strain?
  3. What is the THC% ? What is the CBD% ?
  4. Are you looking for healthy, savory or a sweet recipe?

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Looking to feature your cannabis through food? Chef Travis creates recipes built around the terpene profile of specific cannabis strains.

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