Nomad Cook; /ˈnōˌmad / ko͝ok / – a traveling chef with no kitchen of their own. Someone who uses the power of food to bring people together and create conversation. Specializes in culinary cannabis, understanding the science behind the endocannabinoid system and how to utilize terpenes in a culinary application.


Gone are the days where infused edibles only mean brownies, cookies and gummy’s. The goal of the culinary cannabis chef is not about maximizing THC but to utilize the terpenes from both the strain of cannabis they’re using with and the botanical terpenes from the plants fruits and herbs within the dish they are creating. Terpenes or not just the flavor and aroma from cannabis but they are responsible for the therapeutic effects we feel when using this amazing plant. The cannabis industry has created a false pretense by stating that Sativa’s are the day time, energy boosting strains and Indica’s are the sedative couch locking strains that make us wanna reach for the bag of potato chips. It is the specific terpenes that are responsible for these effects within our Endocannabinoid system and is the main focus for the Nomad Cook when creating cannabis infused menus.


If you taste the bitterness from a cannabis infused recipe, it probably means the extraction has not been created properly; what you’re tasting is the chlorophyll from the plant. There are a couple different methods a chef can use to create infused extractions like Oils, Butters, Creams, Salts & Sugars. These methods are explained in The Nomad Cook’s cookbook “Introduction To Culinary Cannabis”
No kitchen ? No Problem ! As long as we know what we have to work with, our chefs will create a menu that can be served at high level of culinary expectations. The Nomad Cook is a traveling chef who can create magic anywhere guests want to dine. We specialize in full turn key events, offering everything you need to host a dinner or event.
We specialize in working with Cannabis brands, offering unique marketing experiences that connect with budtenders, retailer buyers and the consumer. Our founder & executive chef, Travis Petersen, has worked with every major cannabis brand in Canada & the US. Having served over 10,000 people their first infused dining experience, Chef Travis offers individual dosing for each guest who attends our events. Wether you only need 2.5 msg of THC or 250 msg of THC, our guests all leave with the same experience; happy, full and perfectly medicated.


Founder & Chef

Chef Travis Petersen is a native of the pacific northwest. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Cannabis culture was long accepted before legalization in 2018, influencing the young chef to develop an understanding and love for the plant. 


Does every dish have cannabis in it?

Our chefs dose each guest individually based on their own tolerance level. With a strict zero tolerance policy for peer pressure, we make sure guests only get the required dosage they feel comfortable with. If you’re dining with someone who doesn’t want any cannabis, their food will be served without any.

How are the quantities in each dish regulated?

Our chefs will have one infused component for each course they create. That infused component will be made 4 times, each with a different level of infusion. Example; An infused vignette is made for salad, with the recipe requiring 2 tablespoons per serving. We make that vignette to a 0mg per tbsp / 1.75 mg per tbsp / 5mg per tbsp / 10 mg per tbsp. This way plate consistency stays the same and gives our chefs the ability to dose each guest based on their own required amount.

How stoned will I be after the meal?

The goal of any Nomad Cook event is to hit that perfect medium for each one of our guests. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed before sending you home for a great night’s sleep

Will I have the munchies after I've eaten a five-course meal?

One of our top asked questions! Our menus are tailored perfectly to fulfill each guest’s appetite. Most guests find they leave full and ready to “Netflix” without the craving for munchies. However if there’s an ice cream shop across the street, we have no control over your biggest weakness.