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Set your company event above any other by hiring The Nomad Cook to put together an elevated experience that will have your employees and clients boasting for months.

What’s Included?

Source Venue

Canape’s & Appetizers or 4 Course Menu

Equipment Rentals

Kitchen & Service Staff

Live Music

How It Works:

We consult with the client on the type of event they are looking to host. We will then create a service plan & plug in anything needed to execute the perfect event. We can handle from start to end planning or work with your event planner to just deliver the food and interactive experience. The Nomad Cook offers live entertainment to help set the perfect ambiance for the event. We can also include a bar with alcohol if the client desires.

Do you have preferred location/event hosting partners? No

Menus are built after a consultation with the host. Dietary & Allergy Restrictions can be accommodated with prior notice for all of your guests.

Things We Need To Know:

  1. What Date Are You Inquiring About?
  2. How Many People?
  3. Do You Have a Venue?
  4. What Equipment Does The Kitchen Have?
  5. Are There Any Dietary or Allergy Restrictions?
  6. Do You Require Live Entertainment?


Travis Petersen, the Nomad Cook has worked with Sundial Cannabis in a professional capacity over the past year and we will continue to work with him in 2020. We wanted to create educational opportunities for retailers and their employees to learn about cannabis in a comfortable and inviting setting. It was important for us to find a partner that could create delicious food and have cannabis knowledge to educate our attendees about terpenes and strains. Creating an experience for guests in venues that may not typically be thought to host dinners and including art, music and of course food was the goal for us. Travis worked with us on all aspects and his food elevates these experiences!

Sundial Cannabis

Chef Travis helped us launch our Infused Beverage product line to the media at our Smiths Falls location last year. His ability to develop dishes using botanical terpenes allowed us the perfect opportunity to tell the story of our cannabis without. His professionalism and ability to speak in front of large groups is an asset when trying to help normalize culinary cannabis.


What an incredible dinning experience. Intimate, interactive, informative and not to mention intensely satisfying!! Hands down one of the best meals I have ever tasted. I would attend over and over again! I would highly recommend Chef Travis The Nomad Cook and his dinner party. Thank you so much Chef to you and Chef Joe for the fresh new experience
Kimberley Kovach Taylor