No other ingredient has such importance when it comes to safe & responsible dosing. Learn the math & techniques for creating accurate extracts, introduction to terpenes and the endocannabinoid system. The Nomad Cook offers private group cooking lessons, online direct tutorials and kitchen consultations for introducing the newest frontier in the culinary world; infused dining.

What’s Included?

Work Booklet – Glossary of Terminology, Terpenes, Accurate Dosing Practices, Safety Procedures,  endocannabinoid system

All ingredients

Speciality Equipment

How It Works:

Group Cooking Lesson – Our Chef comes to your kitchen. 6 to 12 People. Each guest takes a turn completing the steps to make a 3 course infused meal, while being guided by our chef. Once completed the group will sit down & dine together while we do the dishes. 

Online Tutorial – Book a date with our Chefs and connect 1 on 1 from your kitchen to yours. Our 2 hour tutorial will teach you the necessities of creating an extract and help you learn how to pair the terpene profile of your cannabis with ingredients in your recipe.

Kitchen Consultations – Our chef will spend the day introducing CBD & terpenes to your kitchen team while educating on the endocannabinoid system. This course will walk through isolates vs full spectrum, pairing the flower to the food, safety practices and executing service. 

Things We Need To Know:

  1. Are you looking to host a lesson?
  2. Are you looking for Certification ?
  3. Do you have a Levo Machine or Sous Vide?
  4. Do you have access for video conferencing?
  5. Do you have access to a local licensed retailer?


“Travis is the foremost cannabis chef in North America and that is why we sought him out to present at our annual Chef to Chef Conference in Charlotte last March in front of 300 private club chefs. His knowledge of CBD, Terpenes and their proper use is extensive. Entertaining, captivating and informative were comments that were buzzing around with the attendees. The Nomad Cook was our most outstanding presenter this year and we will have to have him back!”
Jerry Schreck

Executive Chef, Chef to Chef Conference

We wanted to create educational opportunities for retailers and their employees to learn about cannabis in a comfortable and inviting setting. It was important for us to find a partner that could create delicious food and have cannabis knowledge to educate our attendees about terpenes and strains. Creating an experience for guests in venues that may not typically be thought to host dinners and including art, music and of course food was the goal for us. Travis worked with us on all aspects and his food elevates these experiences!
Sarah Clowater


What an incredible dinning experience. Intimate, interactive, informative and not to mention intensely satisfying!! Hands down one of the best meals I have ever tasted. I would attend over and over again! I would highly recommend Chef Travis The Nomad Cook and his dinner party. Thank you so much Chef to you and Chef Joe for the fresh new experience
Kimberley Kovach Taylor

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Hire The Nomad Cook to come teach you and your friends how to cook a 3 course infused menu of your own. You purchase the cannabis and our chef will bring all the ingredients. Each person in your group will take turns doing the steps as the chef walks you through what’s needed to cook with cannabis confidently.

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